Reprise – Read this first!

One of the most surprising outcomes of my trip to Zithulele has been the quite remarkable response to this little series of writings. WordPress provides the writer with statistics about how many visitors one has had and how many times something on the site has been read. The total number of ‘hits’ so far is moving steadily towards 2,000. There are also details of where they come from by country. Unsurprisingly the UK has provided most of the readers, with South Africa next. After that, and somewhat inexplicably, the distribution is huge from Russia to Liechtenstein, Tanzania to Australia. South America and Antarctica are the only continents not yet represented. Personally I have been the recipient of some touchingly encouraging and flattering observations about it.

To my surprise however a number of people have said ‘I liked your blog. I have only looked at the last one (‘The Last Post’) so far’. At first this seemed an illogical thing to have done unless they had been brought up in the Chinese tradition of writing (in which case turning the screen 90 degrees anticlockwise will help too) or they are one of those people who look at the answers in the puzzle book first. Thinking about it more I suppose there is no reason from the outside to know that there is something sequential about a blog and that allusions in some entries make more sense if the previous posts have been read. So I am now naively assuming that all new visitors to the site will be obedient to the title of this post and be reading this. Thus can I suggest for your better entertainment that you start at least near the beginning – perhaps at ‘Jo’burg’. Some of the pieces are stand alone but there was an element of narrative thread in others. The back of the book beginners may be scratching their heads as to the use of ‘grudging’ and wondering who ‘Butterworth’ is…

Finally – thank you to you all for your very kind support to this venture and to my children for persuading me to do it; and an even bigger thank you to everyone at Zithulele for contributing to such an amazing experience for me. To Taryn (and Ben) thank you for that lovely farewell card which is a work of art whose only flaw is the most outrageously flattering fiction within

1 thought on “Reprise – Read this first!

  1. Here I am representing South America! I am from Argentina, I will be going to Zithulele Hospital next year. Hope to hear from you.

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